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Dan B.

Came for dinner last week. This was my fourth visit to Sylvia’s, and, as always, it was amazing! The homemade bread followed by a large pot of soup are a special added treat. I love that Sylvia herself comes to the table with her evening’s recommendations. We chose the pork medallions this time. Delicious, as were the vegetables and homemade sauerkraut. And the pastries to finish the meal were wonderful. The portions are so generous that we always take some home. We will definitely return to experience Sylvia’s gracious hospitality. Thank you, Sylvia!

Erin S.


My husband and I went to Sylvia’s for lunch. We walked in at 12:30, the restaurant was empty except a woman in a corner working on something. She said they just had a wedding that broke up at around 3am. We were about to leave but The woman ( turns out she was Sylvia) said to come in and she would take care of us. We sat down, it was a bit strange being the only ones there but we kept an open mind. So glad we did! I ordered the Polish lunch, consisting of pierogis, kielbasa, stuffed cabbage and sauerkraut. My husband ordered the German lunch, chicken schnitzel, roasted potatoes and carrots, sausage and sauerkraut. While waiting for our food, Sylvia brought out a crock of hot homemade soup that was amazing, it was loaded with vegetables, chicken in a creamy broth flavored with fresh dill and bread. This wasn’t included with our lunch, it was a nice touch. Our meals came out on a big platter, family style. It looked beautiful, everything was scratch made including the kielbasa and pierogis, everything was excellent!! Well seasoned and flavorful. Enough food to feed many people. We brought home another meals worth of food for each of us! Bring an appetite and keep an open mind. Everything was excellent and Sylvia was gracious and fed us very well. We will definitely go back! We highly recommend Sylvia’s!!


Reviewed April 20, 2017

Silvia’s – BEST Restaurant I’ve Eaten At – Around the World!!!!!!!! Enfield, Conn??????

So, I’m now saying this is the best food and service I have EVER had in many places around the world!! and it’s in Enfield, Connecticut??? I ate here in January but it was too big of a hurry on my account. No pictures and did not get to enjoy the fullness of this place as I just did!!!! All of my former Trip Advisor critiques now pale in comparison!!!! That’s a mouthful!!!…. but it’s a Truism!!!!!! Great location between Hartford and Springfield..plenty of parking and right across from a very nice public park!!!! I started out by meeting and talking to Silvia, quite an impressive person!!!! She has won so many National Awards for her culinary expertise that is almost seems like a fairy tale!!! but it isn’t. Read the invitation to be the White House Chef!!! I have uploaded a plethora of awards and citations Silvia has captured during her career as a Nationally recognized exemplary chef!!!….. I started out with a carafe of Romanian wine… excellent choice!!! After the wine, I was delivered a warm, homemade, just out of the oven raisin bread with butter.. the best ever!!!! Next I was served a huge pot of Romanian soup. It was enough for a meal and it tasted unbelievable!!!!!! Next was the house salad with the greatest dressing!!!! So far I was out of my mind tasting this great spread of food!!!!! Next I tried another Cab wine and it proved to be a winner for me!!!!! Service so far was excellent!!!!! Next came the Romanian Holiday spread featuring lamb!!! It was enough for a family of 4 and it tasted delicious!!!!! It had sausage, rice, lamb, potatoes, sauerkraut in a divine sauce!!!! I got up to walk around and took several pictures of her awards, including the correspondence with the USA White House….please read these!!!!! After reading this, I would probably travel several thousand miles to sample Silvia’s expertise in preparation and cooking this food!!!!!! Finally I had a warm, chocolate dessert that Silvia just made!!!! I have NEVER experienced such a tasty and decadent meal before, prepared by a true expert!!!! People who read what I write on Trip Advisor….HAVE to try this place!!!! It is that good. I just spent the past 4 weeks in Bangkok eating the best places. Also I have spent a lot of time in Buenos Aires recently and these exotic sites and cities do not hold a candle to the food preparation by Silvia in Enfield, Connecticut… as strange of a boast as this might seem. My other server was Cory Sartori, a server dedicated to making sure my experience was truly an exceptional one!!!! I have nothing but a smile and thanks to all the people at Silvia’s who made this such a great “foodie” adventure!!!! Please give this place a try, especially if you are within the area!!!!! You are missing out if you don’t and please let me know what you think!!!!!!!!!!

What a meal. Keep an open mind about how the place looks and you’ll be in for a fantastic night. Table of 9 with food to feed 15 and I’m not joking. Sylvia was great and we will be coming back. Well done.
Visited August 2017, read more…

The food was GREAT!!!… the ambiance above average!!!  I had great service and a great German meal…. everything is home made and it was certainly delicious…. this rivals some great restaurants in Milwaukee for German food and they serve ALL European dishes….. this is a must visit if you are in the area!!!! It actually was that good!!!!!!!!
Visited January 2017, read more…

Had never been to Silva’s before. Kind of slow start. We were brought bread and soup before our drinks, but they were both very tasty…as were the drinks! Silvia came to our table and consulted with us about the food and answered any questions we had. She made some recommendations which we took her up on. A salad for our table came next to share (delicious) with homemade dressing. When dinner arrived we were not disappointed. Dessert was also provided all with the meal. We took enough home to share for another time. We will return as the food was great! – Lisa C Tolland CT
Visited January 2017, read more…

“Absolutely awesome!” November 2016
My first try at veal schnitael. Absolutely loved it.  Transylvanian goulash was a bit spicy for me but was good and pasta in it perfectly cooked.  She made me a half and half when I could not decide!  Soup was delicious.  Salad was perfectly fresh.  Everything was perfect.  Will be back again and again.  Go here.  You will not be sorry.Visit TripAdvisor Review

“Can’t possibly say enough good things about Silvia’s!” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed October 10, 2015
Believe all the wonderful reviews you read here! Silvia’s Restaurant is a treasure! It is quite unique, and for those of us with middle European heritage, it is like going back to Grandma’s or Great Grandma’s house. The food is wonderful — the best of Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, etc. cooking! It is a tremendous value, since you get bread, soup, salad, entree, and dessert (and leftovers). The atmosphere inside goes along with the food — the music and decor all speak to Silvia’s roots. We were greeted by Galina, who made us feel at home immediately. She was very considerate of our 95-year-old mother, asking if she was warm enough and being careful to fulfill all of her requests, such as making sure the vegetables were cooked enough for her to chew. When we were here on other occasions, Silvia waited on us herself, and she is an amazing lady. Today she was in the kitchen, cooking. The restaurant was surprisingly empty. as has been noted by other reviewers; however, Galina told us that they were preparing for a catered party that started at 10 PM. As soon as we were seated, Galina brought us home-baked bread and a delicious pot of soup to share. We ordered the Romanian wine that Silvia imports, which we found we all liked very much (full-bodied and on the sweet side – went well with the food). Next came a delicious salad with Silvia’s secret dressing. The lamb stroganoff was superb, as was the Polish dinner (an assortment of Pierogi, kielbasa, galumpki, sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes). Our mother enjoyed the wiener schnitzel very much, and our friends loved their entrees as well. Dessert was a melt-in-your mouth dark chocolate brownie. Silvia’s is a place we will return to again and again. You won’t find others like it. Don’t miss out!!!

“GO IN!!!!! You can hear them making the food from scratch ” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed September 6, 2015
EVERYTHING IS HOME MADE THE CHEF AT THIS RESTAURANT IS A CUTE OLDER WOMAN WHO KNOWS HOW TO COOK!!! Obviously passed down through her ancestors because this sweet lady CAN COOK!! She won chef of 2015- She comes to your table and takes your order and PERSONALLY MAKES IT HERSELF ! She should introduce herself with more pride because it wasn’t until halfway through my dinner that I realized the chef herself was taking my order and then making it!! If you are looking for an interesting menu and delicious homemade food with a very large selection- you have to try it…!! My boyfriend and I stopped in here around 7 PM on a Friday night .. We were the only people in there– and at the end of our meal we were SHOCKED there weren’t more people dining there. The food was delicious I had the lamb stroganoff .. Boyfriend had Chen cordon bleu-It was SOOO good. Large portions on dinner . We left stuffed. She gave us homemade brownies to take home too:) some entrees come as 5 course and great quality for a very decent affordable price . If I lived by her I would cut down the big tree blocking her restaurant and put up lights outside of her business to get people’s attention!!!! —I think it is hard to see from the road- !! All in all GREAT dinner experience – we took very good care of them. Must go!

-Sheri and josh from the FL KEYS

Silvia is Chef of the Year for 2015 from the Connecticut Chefs Association

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