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Russian Reuben Sandwich: $6.95

Lean corned beef on homemade bread, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut, thousand island dressing.

Polish Falcon Sandwich: $6.95

Polish sausage with sauerkraut, onions and melted cheese.  Shown with home fries

Polish Falcon
New Yorker Sandwich: $6.95

Grilled pastrami with onions. Melted cheese and thousand island dressing

Tuna Melt Sandwich: $6.95

Broiled with melted cheese and fresh tomatoes

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Romanian Burger: $6.95

3/4 pound of ground sirloin. Lightly spiced on your favorite bread. Optional cheese

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Grilled Cheese: $6.95

Melted cheeses over homemade bread with tomatoes and a pickle. Optional bacon.

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Chicken Cutlet Sandwich

Fresh chicken grilled and lightly spiced with melted cheese on your favorite bread

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Vegetarian Sandwich

Eggplant schnitzel with tomato sausce and melted cheese on toasted homemade bread

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May we suggest a glass of traditional Romanian wine with your meal?  Note that traditional Romanian wine is sweet and will be a surprise to you if you are only used to drinking wine in the French tradition.  If you prefer a bottle of standard wine, we have that also.  If you would like a shot of vodka to start your meal in the Polish or Russian tradition, we have a full bar with traditional vodka.

Pictures are for illustration only, your meal may look somewhat different.  Prices do not include tax, gratuity or beverages.  Notice that these are not stock photos; all of the pictures above were taken at Silvia's Restaurant!