Sunday Brunch Buffet at Silvia's Restaurant in Enfield CT


On October 15th, Sunday Brunch at Silvia's resumed!   Unfortunately there were not enough reservations so there was not a buffet.  Instead, we were served family style on each table.  Sunday Brunch will continue but reservations are required!

Reservations for breakfast on Friday and Saturday and for Sunday Brunch are required!  If you arrive without a reservation you probably will not be seated.  If no one has made a reservation, we may be closed.  If others have made a reservation and you have not, they will be served first and this may mean a very long wait if we are understaffed.  (860) 741-6969.

Please understand, we are a locally owned restaurant.  We don't pop factory meals in the miocrowave, we cook from scratch.  To do this in a reasonable amount of time at a reasonable price, we MUST require reservations.

$9.95.  All you can eat buffet!  Free coffee

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